Tuesday, May 27, 2008

advice of the day

if you are sad,mad depressed don,t hide it show it to whom ever you want in a nice way

basic colours

to complete our final lists of colours:
blue:navy the colour of spring mixed it with green,top it with yellow,stripe it with red,dot it with white mix the with golden accessories
brown:new when mixed with navy,cream or biege,red,pink,yellow
icy pink:soft romantic when worn with sandy brown or with iceblue expensive when teamed with offwhite
hot pink:perfect with navy or black, darkbrown
yellow:dramatic with black,happy with blue,bold with red
your colours
dark skinned brunettes
white,red,pale pink,black,purple
pale skin brunnettes
pale green,pale pink,offwhite,iceblue,navy,cheryred
blondes with pale skin
blondes with tanned skin
red heads

Sunday, May 25, 2008

a new start

today i will write my first blog i'm so happy i want to help each women to wear what suits her and feel confidence with her self i will start with colours

red:use it when u want to be shown in a croud mix it with white or navy or if you have the courage mix it with dark brown

white:goes with everything but if you have full hips wear it as tops or upper piece or if you want to wear a white suit try mixing it with a shawl or coloured accessories