Friday, June 13, 2008

how to choose a wedding dress

my elder daughter is getting married and we are in a terrible situation we want to buy a wedding gown and we don,t now know what to choose we don,t have lots of shops to buy a ready made gown in cairo it,s only few shops and the styles are limted we have to go for sewing a dress i know how to sew but i dont have the courage to do it ,it's a huge responsibility the problem is i,m not sure what will be nice on her i have to look all over the styles to decide and help her i went threw some sites and i hope we make the right decision

Thursday, June 12, 2008

when you wear

choose the best that suits your figure :
the short waisted ,a very narrow belt
for the heavier woman , a long tie style or a narrow belt with an eye catching chain fastening so it can divert the atttention away from the heavy body
for the long waisted ,a wider belt
for the average woman, a contour shape or classic width and trim is the best
black is the most practical choice but you always can choose any colour you want ,brown or green,rows of chains that drop below the waist it gives the chanel look

advice of the day

don,t miss enjoying a happy moment life is too short

see yourself

today my 21 yearold daughter told me that whenever you see me happy you say something that makes me sad and ruin my day i was shocked for a while but afterwards i thought about her words i found it true and i started to think about it i found myself realy can,t truly enjoy one happy moment without thinking of something to make me worry and unhappy now o started to watch my self and find a happy moment to enjoy it .her words made me see myself