Saturday, March 7, 2009

how to look taller

some women feels bad about thier shape they convince them selves that they are ugly

but if they follow simlpe steps they will feel much better

creating hight to your body
Trousers: Finding pants that make you look taller is easy. Long, wide-leg trousers lengthen legs. Pinstripes and front creases are also flattering for those who could use a few more inches.
Skirts: Short skirts will make all women look taller. They don't have to be minis; just-above-the-knee lengths work too. If you're "vertically challenged," longer skirts will make you look like you are standing in a hole.
Dresses: Empire-waist dresses lengthen your bottom half. Try above-the-knee lengths here as well.
Tops: Drop V-necks with a vertical stripe create the look of a longer torso. Long slim sweaters will also make you look longer.
Jackets: Keep 'em short and sweet. Longer jackets will make you look shorter.

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