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Tips For tall&plus sized women

We have to always believe that we are gifted with what God gave us ,and  with some little  confidence in ourselves, it will be reflected on our image and the result will be amazing .Tall plus sized women can wear what they want but with some tips and tricks their look will be perfect, here are some tips they can follow:

Choose tops and dresses with an empire waist.
 An empire waist works well on a plus-sized figure on two levels: first, it creates a visual waistline, and second, it separates your breasts from your torso, helping to show your curves without really defining it. Highlighting your natural waistline won't have this same double-duty effect. Try it first on you it may be different from one body to another.

Over sized Accessories
When short women wear large belts and bags they look out off proportion. But when you, as a tall woman, put on a wide-belt or long chunky jewelry, the effect is cute. Just limit yourself to one oversized accessory per outfit in order to avoid looking clownish. Wear long necklaces and try Golden chains with dark outfits it will look great.
Bags: Try to choose the medium or large bag size; small bags will make a bad proportion to your body size

Tunics and long tank tops
This trend is perfect. Throw on a long tank with boot cut jeans and heels for a look you can take from day-to-night.

Wear beautiful shoes
If you enter any place every one will notice that you are tall so take advantage of that and choose beautiful shoes, flat or heels or athletic just something deserve to be staring at

Try long hair
There is no rule for tall women to wear short or long hair but  if you  are always cutting your hair short try to change and leave it to grow long and see the difference or try the extensions if you can’t wait

Pair narrow with wide
To avoid looking big make sure you wear only one oversized item at a time .For a pulled-together look, wear wide legs pants with a straight top, or pair a jacket with a boot cut jeans

Not too tight, not too wide
When choosing your clothes try to avoid the too tight tops or blouses it will highlight any excess weigh in your body, also the too wide clothes will give you more volume and will make your body looks like a rectangle
When you wear suits Choose fitted jackets that end well above your widest point. Not under 
· Wear a top or jacket with structured shoulders, puffy sleeves, etc. to balance out your larger bottom half.
· Rely on a form-fitting, but never tight, skirt in a non-clingy fabric.

Flare Skirts
One of the classic recommendations for the bottom-heavy figure is the full skirt. It's still a great option, especially for dresses. How to make the full skirt work:
Go for a fit and flare silhouette. Draw attention to the waist with a belt, gathers, band or other feature. The skirt should flare out from the fitted waist.
  • If you have short  waist  try  a longer top or put a belt under you real waist line to balance your figure
  • Take the fit and flare silhouette one step further by opting for a strapless dress. With bolero on top if you want
  • Pencil skirt
  •  knee length is also ok and will hug your body
How to choose your jeans
I know that skinny is the super hit, but when you have full thighs you have to balance your body shape your perfect look is mainly depending on proportion
You can look great in jeans. The key is to choose leg openings and back pockets to fit your figure. Here's how:
  • Boot cut and straight leg openings are the most flattering jean legs of all. The slight flare balances out wider hips and fuller thighs.
  • Opt for a darker wash jean for the most slimming look.
  • Five-pocket styling looks best, but you'll want to avoid excessive embellishment on the back pockets if the size of your backside bothers you.
  • The longer the jeans, the longer (and thinner) your legs look. Wear straight leg jeans as long as you possibly can without having them bunch up around your legs. If you can stand them
Choose simple prints floral, polka dots and avoid large and loud prints, try to wear printed tops and shirts to drag attention on the lower part of your body
Choose flattering neckline like sweet heart, Halter, a knotted front , scoop, boat neck line also wide shoulder line, gathered sleeve tops that become narrow towards the wrist is good. Avoid turtle neckline

Photos from IGIGI

D rapped and fitted dresses hug the body and shows it beauty

Narrow and wide balances the body

Not too tight not too loose

Ampere waist line with  a lovely neck line

Pants with little flare and above hip line waist

Sweet heart neckline and ampere waist dress

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