Monday, October 4, 2010

The occasion that never came

Ten years ago I bought a very elegant suit from London it was Marks & Spencer.I said to my self I will save it for a special occasion .Time passes by, and lots of occasions happened but there was always a reason for me not to wear it, like it's too chic, a little bit short, It's hot, it's too simple for a sophisticated party.Till now I can't find the right occasion to wear it. Am I so picky?
Now I gained a few pounds and the skirt got tight on me and I have to go on a diet so I can wear my suit.
My advice : Don't wait too long to wear your new things


yossra said...
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yossra said...

Very Funny Mum :)) I remember this suit. To elaborate on the advice I think one generally shouldn't delay things, like once one decides on something one does it.
Lovely post :)